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Industry overview

43.5 Consumer Brands 181 companies
68.29 Education 17 companies
41.88 Financial Services 75 companies
71.75 Healthcare 35 companies
54.99 Insurance 17 companies
52.14 Logistics 7 companies
55.86 Manufacturing 9 companies
26 Media 6 companies
53.56 Other 25 companies
22.33 Public Sector 3 companies
67.37 Service Providers (B2B) 35 companies
61.71 Technology 99 companies
24.13 Telecommunications 64 companies
51.45 Travel and Hospitality 32 companies

About NPS

The resource is aimed at Customer Experience professionals, who are rightly cautious about benchmarking scores with other companies (especially when the methodology is usually not stated). We believe that more public attention to scores will also encourage scrutiny and standards.

Sponsored by CustomerGauge

Since 2008, CustomerGauge has produced regular bulletins from the Net Promoter industry, called NPS News. One of the most popular items continues to be the listing of Net Promoter Scores found around the web – which are usually commented on and compared. CustomerGauge presents these score as a continuation to its commitment to the Open Net Promoter protocol

What is Net Promoter?

Originally formulated in 2003 by Fred Reichheld as simply a score, it has expanded to become a system that increases loyalty and expands revenue. Read more on Net Promoter